My name is Brielle Johnson. I studied Ballet and Modern throughout my time in college; however, I have many years of training in other genres such as Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop. I have a passion for performing and teaching, and I enjoy sharing the knowledge of my dance education with others!

I will be offering Jazz classes at Totts Gap Arts Institute this year. There will be different levels of Jazz classes such as Kindergarten- 3rd grade, 4th grade- 6th grade, and 7th grade- 12th grade. Each class will be structured differently, depending on age level and skill level of the students. My Jazz classes will be technique based classes, where students will learn the fundamentals of Jazz. We will perform exercises such as isolations, plies, tendus, pirouettes, other turns such as piques and soutenus, many different leaps and jumps, and we will also do fun Jazz combinations at the end of each class. It is possible that each student might be at a different level; however, I will make sure each student is getting the proper training that they need. Even though we will work as a whole in this class, I will make sure that my students are working on different things individually if needed at a slower or faster pace. I look forward to teaching Jazz at TGAI, and meeting the students!